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About Austin Taylor Group

Austin Taylor Luxury Homes is a one-stop-shop for designing and building luxury homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area.

We're a Full-Service custom Design-Build luxury homes Firm

In business for over 30 years, Austin Taylor Group is a family-owned custom home builder based in Dallas, Texas.  

Our Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Todd Arnold, Founder and Owner, has earned recognition in his business by designing and building first-class luxury homes and providing the highest level of customer service since the day he started.  His commitment to customer satisfaction continues on.

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We love our customers, so feel free to call us at  817.538.3080  during normal business hours.

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Quality People

Todd Arnold,  Owner and Founder at Austin Taylor Luxury Homes -

"Quality People absolutely consumed with quality work!"

We excel on homes that have more uniqueness to them

 We excel on homes that have more uniqueness to them..... more creative challenges to them...…. when we can bring in something of value to the table.   

We feel like our experience can help a homeowner get to where they want to without a lot of unforeseen costs or delays. 

30 Years in Business and it’s still exciting

 We have been building luxury homes now for over 30 years we've seen a lot … but every year we find something new...… with the advances of technology..... the advances in just the way we build...… the advances in materials...… it's exciting to be in the home building business today!!!!!   It's really exciting to see what's coming up next! 

Client Expectations

 We manage clients expectations and the experience of the home-building process. 

Todd's Passion

Todd Arnold, Owner and Found of Austin Taylor Group shares why he's passionate about his business and work. 

 I am  very fortunate that I get to do exactly what I LOVE TO DO!   THIS IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO!!!!